Our range of services includes our standard bioinformatic package, all the way up to bespoke analysis. If you’ve got a trial coming up let us know, we’re here to help.


Our team of bioinformaticians is on hand to discuss and tailor analysis to your desired outcomes, taking the stress out of data analysis and delivering your data in a no-nonsense manner. Our inhouse bioinformatic pipelines interrogate your data using a database or an assembly-based approach:

  • Our standard database pipeline has been rigorously stress tested against a high sample volume and large data samples.
  • Our expertise in assembly-based approaches allows you to get the most from your data.


The type of information you can expect from analysis includes:

  • Community profiling
  • Novel microbe discovery
  • Functional profiling
  • Diversity analysis
  • A broad range of data analysis


If your research requires a bespoke bioinformatic approach, such as unique database curation, strain tracking or multi-omics integration let us know and we will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. Our digital first data analysis, means you receive your results in a way that suits you.

1. Kit-selection

Salient provides everything needed for sample collection. Whether it's thousands of standardised kits or you need a bespoke one-off.

2. Monitor

You get access to our portal to follow your samples journey in near-real time, tracking your samples from kit dispatch to test results.

3. Analyse

We analyse your samples. Using the latest cutting-edge automated technology this is done reliably, fast, and accurately.

4. Report

Done! You are provided with bespoke reports and analysis. You decide the level of detail, and whether or not to send this directly to your patient.