No two sample types are the same and we’ve got experience and expertise working with them all. Our flexible and robust workflow means that you get a quality service every time even if your samples are rare and understudied.

If needed, we will validate our workflow against your samples to give you peace of mind from extraction to analysis. Work with us to get the most from your samples and ensure that your project has maximum impact.

1. Consult & Validation

You enjoy a consult in which we discuss your needs, after which we source the kit components and carry out any validation needed.

2. Production & Distribution

Your kits are then made by our team in house with all components tracked using our LIMS. The kits are sent to your desired location be that distribution centre or direct to people’s homes.

3. Test & Track

If we are carrying out the testing we can track the samples back to our lab and begin testing.

We'll work with you

We work with all sample types ranging from environmental to human. We are also willing to work with clients on novel sample types applying our rigorous QC steps to ensure the best quality results. We have carried out rigorous research into extraction, sample pre-processing and quality control so that we are able to generate the highest quality data for your research, studies and customers.

Sample Handling

  • As a UKAS accredited lab our protocols are of the highest standard and have been rigorously tested and validated.
  • We can receive and store all sample types with lab staff always on hand to take receipt of and process samples.
  • From receipt to analysis, you can be confident your sample is in good hands with our fully digital sample tracking system as you are kept up to date with how your sample is progressing through our lab.
  • Our automated processes mean that if your samples are time sensitive we can get to work on them without delay.

Sample Collection

  • We offer a range of services to aid you in sample collection depending on the service you require.
  • Speak to us about our end-to-end service if you are a customer facing client or a trial that requires sampling kits.
  • We have worked with a wide range of clients to ensure that they can get their samples to us safely and securely.

All taken care of.

Salient Bio is set up to take care of all your healthcare testing fulfilment. Whether it’s at home testing or clinical trials we make custom kits tailored to your needs and handle the logistics of getting them packed and shipped. All we need is an address and we handle the rest.

Offered as a part of our wider platform or stand-alone service, the first step in our end-to-end service is our kit making and distribution. We can put together kits to test all sample types be that for at home or onsite testing. In addition, we’ve compared many different sampling components, especially for microbiome samples, so we can offer advice and guidance on what the best approach is for your study.

1. Kit-selection

Salient provides everything needed for sample collection. Whether it's thousands of standardised kits or you need a bespoke one-off.

2. Monitor

You get access to our portal to follow your samples journey in near-real time, tracking your samples from kit dispatch to test results.

3. Analyse

We analyse your samples. Using the latest cutting-edge automated technology this is done reliably, fast, and accurately.

4. Report

Done! You are provided with bespoke reports and analysis. You decide the level of detail, and whether or not to send this directly to your patient.

Different Samples

We are big believers in standardisation and use our experience in medical diagnostics to bring the highest level of analysis to the microbiome space. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that we can offer repeatability and reliability with our analysis. As such, our proprietary workflow has been rigorously tested on a wide range of sample types and we are always looking for new and exciting projects with novel samples to collaborate on.

Our aim is to build long term partnerships, meaning we treat your samples with the same care and consideration you would. Our experts invest time at the start of any project to ensure that you get the best quality data from your samples, with consultation on everything from study design and collecting samples to DNA extraction and data analysis. We have developed curated databases that go beyond the publicly available, meaning that our bioinformatic analysis is as comprehensive as our wet lab capabilities.

👍 Note: We’ve compared many different sampling components, especially for microbiome samples, so we can offer advice and guidance on what the best approach is for your study.

If you’d like to find out more about this service—or anything else—get in touch today.