Research & Development

From the unseen wonders of the microbiome to the visible clarity of our digital dashboards, our lab's commitment to R&D shapes the future of wellness. Together, we can provide unparalleled insights and care to those we serve.

Basic Research

Basic Research delves into the fundamental understanding of phenomena, without any immediate commercial objectives, laying the foundation for scientific discoveries and insights.

Applied Research

Given a foundational understanding, Applied Research takes the baton, focusing on targeted efforts to solve specific problems or meet concrete needs of the industry. It often translates the theories from Basic Research into practical, actionable solutions.

Experimental Development

Experimental Development involves the systematic work of transforming research outcomes into new or improved products, processes, or services. This phase emphasizes iterative testing, optimization, and validation, ensuring that innovations are not only effective but also reliable and market-ready.

A key area of our R&D focusses on advancing Microbiome Reporting. We're in an era where our understanding of the body goes beyond the surface. The microbiome, a complex community of microorganisms living in our bodies, plays a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing.

By investing heavily in R&D, our London-based lab doesn't just offer a peek into this world – we offer a deep dive. For healthcare providers, this means access to award-winning testing that unveils detailed insights into a patient's microbiome. Whether you're a private GP, pharmacy, or an online healthcare service, understanding the microbiome can revolutionise the way you approach wellness and treatment.

More Than Numbers: Bespoke Digital Dashboards

Lab results can often appear as jargon-filled numbers that are tricky to decipher. That's where our R&D shines again! Our unique offering allows us to translate these numbers into tailor-made digital dashboards. These dashboards present the data visually, making it easier to understand and interpret.

For our partners, from laboratories to online patient-serving platforms, this means providing patients with clear, digestible insights about their health. It's not just about knowing the results; it's about understanding what they mean for one's holistic health journey.


Adaptable and Tailored for Today's Needs

The world of healthcare is ever-evolving, and so are the needs of professionals and patients alike. Our commitment to R&D ensures that our tests and reporting tools are not just current, but also adaptable to the emerging needs of the industry.

If you're looking for a 'whitelisted' solution, meaning a trusted and exclusive offering tailored specifically for your services, our lab is well-equipped to deliver. R&D isn't just about innovation; it's about ensuring relevance, precision, and value for every client we serve.

We'll take care of it.

Salient Bio is set up to take care of all your healthcare testing fulfilment. We produce tailored testing kits customised to your needs, but we don't just stop there. We take care of the 📦 logistics, the 📍 tracking, the ✅ processing, 🔬 analysis and send out the 📈 data straight into your existing patient data system.